Anne Krönker, 'Hoepel', 2012

Gert Robijns

Katinka Bock, 'Kleine Kreise', 2011


Boetti in action

'Gemelli' (Twins), 1968
'San Bernardino', 1968/1978

'Guatemala', 1974
'Strumento Musicale' (Musical Instrument), 1970

From 'Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan', Tate, 2012


Hyderabad's wind catchers

Photos of Hyderabad (a city in Pakistan). The triangular structures on the rooftops are wind catchers, funnelling the cool breeze (a 'moug') into the homes below.

from Architecture without Architects, A Short Introduction to Non-Pedigreed Architecture, by Bernard Rudofsky, Academy Editions London, 1964.



the church bells

belgian church bells, grazing cows, red roof tiles and wooden shutters


Coucou Corbusier ! Colline Notre-Dame Du Haut

Le Corbusier's chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut, built in 1955, a crab shell made of raw concrete. Just matter and light.


Kippenblinky, out on the street at night

Martin Kippenberger, Kippenblinky (from close by you see burnt matches in the lamp)
Martin Kippenberger, Ohne Titel (Double-Legged Lantarn)
Martin Kippenberger, Ohne Titel (Documenta Lanterna)

I saw these drunken lantern sculptures by Kippenblinky at the Herbert Foundation in Ghent, they are part of their current group exhibition 'Use Me'.

The guide told us the following story about Documenta Lanterna, Kippenberger's unsolicited contribution for the 1992 Documenta IX of Jan Hoet: Kippenberger was in the Documenta office with his students from Kassel and proposed them to interview Hoet about the Documenta without him realizing. Hoet talks freely and answers all their funny questions. Then Kippenberger decided to publish the 'interview'. Hoet took revenge on him by putting him on the official list of participants, although he wasn't included after all. Kippenberger playfully reacted with this teary melancholy Lanterna which he put on display in front of the Fridericianum. He photographed it and removed it. Afterwards he made a poster edition, titled 'Melancholy': 


Local hats

Sieraden zelf maken ('Make your own jewelry'), published by Ploegsma Amsterdam, 1964